Emmo Electric Bicycle E-Wild

$1999.00 – 48V/12Ah Lithium Battery


  • NO License Required
  • NO Insurance Required
  • Freight & PDI may apply
  • Start from $68.96/month (offered by third party)
Why Ebikes?
SAVE MONEY 1. No insurance required. Save more than $2000 a year. 2. No gasoline required. Save more than $1800 a year. 3. No parking fees. Save more than $1500 a year. CONVENIENCE 1. No driver's license required. 2. Most e-bikes can take 2 people. 3. Easy to charge. Without special charging piles, ordinary charging sockets can be charged. 4. Quiet driving.
Why Emmo?
The highest cost performance 1. The quality is guaranteed. Every new e-bike has a one-year warranty (battery and charger for six months), and we can repair all EMMO e-bikes problems. 2. More than 100 dealer stores around Canada. 3. The highest customer satisfaction, the best after-sales in the industry. Advanced technology 1. Almost all EMMO e-bikes have keyless start. 2. Perfect alarm system. 3. Almost EMMO e-bikes have a variety of color options.
Why Emmo Electric Bicycle E-Wild?
Fun to use 1. Multifunctional drive mode. Pedal assistance and throttle. 2. Built in 7 speeds for pedaling. 3. 5 speed pedal assist power levels. 4. Independent speedometer can record speed, mileage, and other trip information. Powerful 1. Lightweight 48V lithium battery makes the throttle driving speed 30% faster. 2. 500W powerful motor increases the acceleration of the bike. Safety features 1. 26" x 4" Kenda tires allow the bike to have more contact with the ground, for smoother rides in sand or snow. Removable lithium battery
Features and Specs
  • Color:Black; White
  • Handle bar:ProMax
  • Load Capacity:140kg
  • Maximum Speed:32km/h
  • Climbing Angle:18 Degress
  • Gears :SHIMANO ALTUS 7 Speeds
  • Pedal Arm:Chainwheels Lasco
  • Seat:ProMax bar and Selle Royal Seat
  • Tire:26" x 4" Kenda Tire with inner tube
  • Rear Brake:Tektro Novela disc brake system
  • Front Brake:Tektro Novela disc brake system
  • Power Assist System:Bafang 5 Levels system
  • Motor:Bafang Max Output 500W (Continuous Output 350W)
  • Battery:48V/12Ah Li-Battery
  • Charger:AC100-120V, Smart Charger (Battery maintained while charging)
  • Meter & Indicator:LED - Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Strength Indicator, Light Indicator

Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
Great place to buy a ebike , they sell and service all kinds of ebikes. Sales is very helpfull and honest , and just a pleasure to deal with. I bought a new Emmo Ewild fat tire bike. Can't believe the bike has better brand bike components than other ebike brand on the market, but only asking for $1999. I will always recommend my friends to get ebike from Emmo.
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ByChris C
Verified Purchase
Bought an Emmo bike last year and it was possibly one of the best investments I made in a long time. I did extensive research and think that in the GTA Emmo possibly offers the best value for money (especially when bikes are on sale!). The bike had a minor issue that was resolved the next day and made it well through the winter.
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Verified Purchase
that bike seems perfect
Verified Purchase
Great looking bike,
Verified Purchase
Really nice bike, I purchase is from Toronto dealer store, and the employee are really nice.
Verified Purchase
I've had the E-wild for about a week now and figure it is time to post my impressions. Overall, I am satisfied with the bike, especially based on the price.
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Verified Purchase
After losing my licence due to poor decisions, I decided that I was going to have to get a mountain bike. After weeks of research and checking state laws, I decided to buy this bike. After all, I would be paying the same amount for a decent mountain without a motor. And I must say that I dont regret my purchase. When I got it out of the box and put it together, I was surprised at the quality. Then I took it to the gas station and filled the tires with air and got on and pulled back the throttle. I couldnt stop smiling and laughing . The power was not what i expected. I weigh 235 and it pulled me rather quickly. So me being me, I had to test this thing out to see what it got. That first week iI bet I did at least 150 mi untill I got a flat back tire. I discovered that can go almost 20 mi on a charge in pedal assist mode. And there were some pretty steep hills on some of my treks. Thats the beauty of this bike, you can go full speed on flat to semi hilly roads. And then when you hit those steep hills you have plenty of energy to tackle them,and the pedal assist helps all along the way. For me its the perfect marriage of exercise and being able to go where i want to go without being exhausted.
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Verified Purchase
I would definitely recommend buying this bike just because its fun.
Verified Purchase
Got the bike yesterday, charged the battery last night, and took it out for a test spin today. It ran nearly perfect, The bike runs quicker than what I expected from a hub motor.
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ByPaul Correa
Verified Purchase
The pedal assist takes a little while to become accustomed to, but once you do it is really neat! The bike will fly up steep hills if you pedal along. What used to take me a half hour to 40 minutes to ride home ( of the hills) took me 10 minutes on this bike, and I wasn't winded like I got on the non electric bike. You can ride it like a motorcycle too by twisting the throttle.
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ByRobert J. Morgan
Verified Purchase
I love this bike. I am 63 years old and do not get out much due to not being able to walk very far. I have used this bike to go to Shoppers to get my med's, and that is a three mile round trip. I live in a valley and the hill is very steep to get out, and about five blocks long. I use the pedal-assist to get up the hill. Then as my legs tire I switch to pure electric mode till I recover. At this time the power level is down to three bars out of five, but as I pedal from time to time the battery recovers up to four bars. I have installed a cargo rack and bags so I could tote back some groceries like milk, eggs, bread etc.-etc. all about 50Lbs. and two mile round trip. Hope this helps some one that is looking for a GREAT! e-bike.
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ByM. R. McHenry
Verified Purchase
I am very pleased with the quality and performance of this electric bike. I find that the throttle works better for me than the peddle assist low, medium and high settings. It is not necessary to change out of high gear to climb most hills while peddling with the throttle also providing power. The shocks work well on dirt paths and the seat is comfortable. On power alone the bike goes about 15 to 18 mph on flat ground.
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Verified Purchase
I bought it on the 23 and got it on the 27th! It came early. I love the seat i love the bike its pedal assist up hill is great you could ride bike for miles without burning your legs at all! Electric mode could be faster! But for the price its a great deal!
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ByG T.
Verified Purchase
The bike is great, easy to handle. It has great speed for the hills in Toronto. The removebable battery is a must.
Verified Purchase
excellent e-bike ready to ride and great price.

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