5 Electric Bike Charging Tips for Long Battery Life

5 Electric Bike Charging Tips for Long Battery Life

Is there anything worse than finding your e-bike’s battery on zero? Fortunately, you can give your electric bike a long battery life with these charging tips. Stop wasting time waiting for your e-bike to come back to life and get to riding!

Establish a Charging Routine

You can’t sporadically charge your fat tire electric bike and expect it to always have power. You need to establish a regular charging routine to keep the battery full.

It’s better to top your bike off before a ride rather than after use. Plan to charge your ride for at least 30 minutes before hitting the road. Typically, you’ll only need it to charge up to 60 percent capacity; however, you should power it to 100 percent every now and again for battery health.

Charge in the Right Environment

The environment matters when it comes to charging electric bikes. Never store your bike or battery in extreme conditions. Keep your equipment in a dry area, and avoid leaving your e-bike in freezing or sweltering temperatures.

Some riders like to set up charging stations to keep things safe. Your garage is the perfect place if you can control internal temperatures. This way, your battery won’t sustain water or temperature damage.

Set a Charging Timer

Believe it or not, you can overcharge your electric bike. Leaving it plugged in for several days creates a destructive charging cycle. You’re more likely to damage your equipment and drain your battery by overcharging.

Instead, set a timer to remind you to unplug your e-bike. Once it’s complete, detach the charger from the outlet first. Then, disconnect your charge from the battery. This is the safest way to unplug your e-bike.

Opt for Shallow Charges

If you want to charge your electric bike for long battery life, you should opt for shallow charges. This method involves “topping off” your battery rather than charging it from zero to 100. Allowing your bike to discharge completely puts a lot of strain on your battery and charger.

It’s easier and faster to charge your e-bike if it already has a little bit of power. Doing shallow charges means you don’t have to wait for your ride to power up!

Don’t Mix and Match Accessories

Your e-bike comes with its own set of equipment, including a charger. It might be tempting to mix and match your accessories. However, it’s in your best interest to stick with the appropriate charger.

Using the wrong charger can also create a safety hazard. Manufacturers make chargers with specific bike models in mind. If you need new charging equipment, use the same retailer to get the right fit.

Your owner’s manual is a great resource for electric bike charging tips. It also helps to purchase high-quality e-bikes from Emmo. Check out our bicycle lines and financing options to upgrade your ride today!