About Emmo

Emmo is a proud Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. As the leading manufacturer of electric bikes, Emmo has provided over 500,000 people with environmentally-friendly transportation throughout North America. We believe that electric mobility for everyone is a big step in moving towards a zero-emission future.

Since 2009, Emmo has offered a large selection of electric mobility options for commuting and recreation. With our diversity of products, we create high-quality options to accommodate everyone’s needs with an emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint. The past decade has proven that Emmo e-bikes are not only a sustainable method of transportation, but that they also push the limits of conventional bikes –to take you further, with less effort and more fun.

Driven by our vision of inspiring more people to lead a greener lifestyle, Emmo strives to give our riders’ the best experience possible. Our in-house research and development spans two continents. Our e-bikes are designed in North America and undergo rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art facilities. Throughout this process, every facet of this complex supply chain is vigorously scrutinized to ensure the end product arrives in flawless condition at our four distribution centers in North America. We continue to be at the forefront of the e-bike industry. With over 100 retailers, Emmo is never too far away.

For over 14 years, our strong commitment to design and innovation has resulted in every Emmo product encompassing the latest technology. Our e-bikes exclusively use programmable sine-wave BLDC controllers, allowing higher performance, longer range and enhanced reliability in all conditions. Backed by our comprehensive warranty, we ensure riders are confident in the purchase of their Emmo.

Emmo believes that a greener future is not only possible, it’s necessary, and we want to do our part to build greener communities by making e-bikes more accessible.