VGO Pro 2.0

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Free Accessories Included

  • Bicycle Rear Rack
    $79.00 FREE
  • Multi-Use Tool Kit
    $29.00 FREE
  • Full Fender Set
    $110.00 FREE
  • Alloy Derailleur Protector
    $10.00 FREE
  • Proudly Canadian. All Emmo E-Bikes are designed in Canada and undergo rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art facilities before being shipped out.

    All Emmo bikes are covered under our manufacturer's comprehensive warranty against all manufacturing defects. 2-Year warranty on the e-bike frame.

    We ship across Canada. You can also visit any of our Emmo dealers and pick up your order locally. With over 100 dealers in Canada, we offer you peace of mind by keeping your bike in its best condition at all times.

    Since 2009

    Canadian Trusted E-Bike Provider

    30+ Models

    For All Age Groups and Needs


    Extensive Help Center

    100+ Dealers

    Local E-Bike Service Centers

    13 Years

    Canadian Trusted E-Bike Provider

    30+ Models

    For All Age Groups and Needs


    Extensive Help Center

    100+ Dealers

    Local E-Bike Service Centers



    Travel up to km per charge *

    • 1008Wh

      Battery Capacity

    • 135km

      Travel Range

    • 3-8 hrs

      Charging Time


    • 1000+ Cycles

      Battery Life



    Speedometerwith connectivity

    Check the status of your bike, plan trips in advance, unlock the bike - all from the experience of your smartphone via the BIKEGO APP.

      • Password Protected

    Key in password or unlock with phone

      • Real-Time Updates of Bike Status

    Access the trip information, battery level thru the APP.

      • Regular Mode + Navigation Mode**

    Extensive navigation and map features for your trips.


    What makes it the Pro
    Signature MAG Rim
    We know the MAG rims make the bike look amazing. But there is a lot more to them than just stylish looks. In fact, the whole reason of MAG rims on Emmo Ebikes was for a better riding experience and the peace of mind that MAG rims give.
    MAG rims are much more rigid than traditional spoke rims, allowing them to sustain higher torque and enable better control. They are also corrosion-resistant. With little maintenance required, MAG rims require little work to keep them in good working conditions.


    What makes it the Pro
    Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    With less force needed at the levers, the hydraulic disc brakes realize a more effective way of stopping power. Adjustments to the lever are helpful for effective control and to reduce hand fatigue. Moreover, the fully enclosed system reduces exposure to elements (e.g. dirty, water) that can affect the performance of the brake system.
    The hydraulic systems are self-adjusting and require minimal day-to-day maintenance. Replacing brake pads are also easy when the time comes. The hydraulic systems is for less worries, better performance, and more enjoyable rides.



    Frame Design
    6 Spoke
    Mag Rim
    Hub Motor
    Lithium Battery
    135 km
    Travel Range
    260 lbs
    Load Capacity


    500W Brushless Hub Motor

    Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and fantastic riding experience. You will be surprised by its performance in climbing hills and dealing with varying road conditions.

    Peak Output
    Maximum Torque


    48V Samsung Lithium-ion Battery

    Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality Samsung lithium battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. With multiple upgrade options, you can choose the battery configuration that suits you best.

    rated recharging cycles
    up to 1008Wh
    battery capacity
    • 48V/10Ah Lithium; 48V/17.5Ah Lithium; 48V/21Ah Lithium

    • Continuously 500W Brushless Geared Hub Motor

    • 5 levels of Pedal-Assist; Thumb Throttle Power

    • 32 kg

    • 16 Degrees

    • Hydraulic Disk Brake (Front and Rear)

    • 26"x1.75" Tubed Tire

    • Rear Rack (included)

    • Aluminum

    • 180 cm (Length)x 63 cm (Width) x 110 cm (Height) /
      71 inch (Length) x 325 inch (Width) x 43 inch (Height)

    • 3 - 10 Hours

    • TFT LCD colorful Back-Lighted Speedometer

    • LED Headlight, LED Tail Light, LED Brake Light

    • 115 kg / 260 lbs

    • 30-65 km (48V/10Ah Li); 45-110 km (48V/17.5Ah Li); 55-135 km (48V/21Ah Li)*

    • 26 Inch Mag Wheel

    • 26"x1.75" Tubed Tire

    • Shimano MF-TZ500-7 (7 Speed Cassette)

    • Front and Rear Fenders (included)


    Signature Mag Wheels

    The VGO Pro's front mag wheel boasts a robust and stylish design, offering both durability and a sleek look.

    7 Speed Shimano Rear Sprocket

    Allows for versatile riding experiences, adapting to various terrains with ease

    Adjustable Seat Height

    Its adjustable seat height ensures a comfortable and ergonomic riding position for cyclists of different statures.

    Chain Guard

    The included chain guard protects against clothing snags and grease, and enhances overall safety.

    Bluetooth Color Display

    Featuring a Bluetooth color display, the VGO Pro offers convenient connectivity and clear, easy-to-read cycling data at a glance.

    LED Headlight

    The LED headlight on the VGO Pro ensures safe nighttime riding with its bright, energy-efficient illumination.

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the bike offers superior stopping power and reliable performance in various weather conditions.

    Rear Rack with Cargo Straps

    The VGO Pro’s rear rack, accompanied by cargo securing straps, provides a practical solution for carrying belongings securely while on the move

    • *The rated travel distance for our E-bikes is determined under ideal conditions, which include a speed of 32 km/h, flat road surfaces, good weather conditions, and the bike being in optimal condition. It's important to note that the actual travel distance may vary due to factors such as the rider's weight, road conditions, weather conditions, and the overall condition of the bike. The actual travel distance may be shorter than the rated distance. We cannot guarantee any specific travel distance and advise riders to plan their trips accordingly.

    • **Additional charges apply for navigation service (service offered by third-party).


     dealers and representatives worldwide.