Segway GT1 Super eScooter

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Proudly Canadian. All Emmo E-Bikes are designed in Canada and undergo rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art facilities before being shipped out.

All Emmo bikes are covered under our manufacturer's comprehensive warranty against all manufacturing defects. 2-Year warranty on the e-bike frame.

We ship across Canada. You can also visit any of our Emmo dealers and pick up your order locally. With over 100 dealers in Canada, we offer you peace of mind by keeping your bike in its best condition at all times.

Since 2009

Canadian Trusted E-Bike Provider

30+ Models

For All Age Groups and Needs


Extensive Help Center

100+ Dealers

Local E-Bike Service Centers

13 Years

Canadian Trusted E-Bike Provider

30+ Models

For All Age Groups and Needs


Extensive Help Center

100+ Dealers

Local E-Bike Service Centers

11" Tubeless
Punction-Free Tire
Max 3kW
Hub Motor
Up to 23%
Hill Climbing
Up to 70 km
Travel Range
Front & Rear
Hydraulic Disc Brake


Product Detail 1

3000W Air Cooled Hub Motor

Boasting a 3000W rear-wheel-drive, air-cooled hub motor, the GT1 electric scooters deliver an exhilarating 60km/h top speed and rapid acceleration, perfect for the thrill-seekers.

Product Detail 2

High-Capacity 1008Wh Battery

Experience extended long range rides with the GT1 super scooter 1008Wh high-performance battery, featuring an advanced cooling system to handle intense driving conditions effortlessly.

Product Detail 3

Advanced Front Suspension

The GT1 electric scooters' front double wishbone suspension ensures stability and superior handling, akin to a supercar's performance.

Product Detail 4

Rear Trailing Arm Suspension

Experience a motorcycle-like agile suspension with the GT series' rear trailing arm structure, enhancing your ride's comfort and handling.

Product Detail 5

Customizable Hydraulic Shocks

With adjustable hydraulic shocks, the GT series scooters adapt to any terrain, ensuring a smooth ride whether on asphalt roads or off-road trails.

Product Detail 6

Reliable Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Segway Ninebot GT1 electric scooter features robust hydraulic disc brakes, providing powerful and precise braking performance in all conditions.

Product Detail 7

Self-Sealing Tires

Enjoy a worry-free ride with the GT1 E Sooter' self-sealing tires, offering exceptional grip and reducing the risk of punctures on any road surface.

Product Detail 8

Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame

The GT1 Super Power Scooter uses an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, ensuring high durability and resilience in extreme conditions.

Product Detail 9

Informative Digital LED Display

Stay informed and in control with the Segway GT1's digital LED display, showing vital ride information at a glance.

Product Detail 10

LED Lighting Technologies

Illuminate your path with the GT1 Super Scooter's ultra-bright 900 lumens LED headlight, ensuring visibility and safety during your rides.

Product Detail 11

Customizable Ambient Lights

Personalize your ride with the GT series' ambient lights, offering multiple light modes via the Segway app for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Product Detail 12

Convenient Quick-Folding Structure

The Segway GT1 electric kickscooter features a double safety quick-folding structure, making it easy to store and carry your long-range electric scooter in compact spaces.

  • 50.4V / 1008Wh

  • Nominal 1.4kW, Maximum 3kW

  • 60 km/h

  • 47.6 kg / 105 lbs

  • 23%

  • Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • 11-inch Self-Sealing Tubeless Tire

  • Aluminum

  • 148 cm x 66 cm x 131 cm /
    58.5 inch x 26 inch x 51.5 inch

  • 3 - 10 Hours

  • Dual Adjustable Hydraulic Shock

  • Single Adjustable Hydraulic Shock

  • LED Headlight, LED Tail Light, Rear Ambient Light

  • 150 kg / 331 lbs

  • 70km (50km at 40km/h Speed)*‍

  • 11-inch Self-Sealing Tubeless Tire

  • Front and Rear Fenders (included)

  • 148 cm x 66 cm x 86 cm /
    58.5 inch x 26 inch x 34 inch


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