5 Safety Tips To Know Before Riding an Electric Moped

5 Safety Tips To Know Before Riding an Electric Moped

Compared to electric bicycles and motorcycle-style e-bikes, mopeds are more comfortable to ride. Plus, most mopeds offer storage space for your daily items. Cruising around the city on a moped is flexible and convenient. But how should you enjoy the rides safely? Here are five safety tips to know before riding an electric moped.

Always Wear a Helmet

We have all been told since we were tiny about the importance of wearing bike helmets; always wear one when you ride anything while on the road. Wearing a helmet is incredibly important, especially when your vehicle is motorized. Now, mopeds might not have as much power as traditional motorcycles, but they can generate some speed at times. For that reason, wearing a helmet is required by the law when riding an electric moped in some places.

Brake When Necessary

Riding a lightweight motorized vehicle means you have less horsepower but the benefit of a certain amount of aerodynamics. The light weight of electric scooters, as an example, can allow you to drift away without realizing it, cutting corners and zipping along. However, this speed can come at a price if not monitored. Pump the brakes often to prevent speeding and any potential for accidents while operating one of these.

Use the Proper Lanes

You may or may not realize this, but whenever you’re on a moped or an electric scooter, the same laws that apply to motorcycles don’t necessarily apply to you. For instance, unlike a motorcycle, which must abide by standard traffic rules, a moped can utilize bike lanes (unless otherwise defined by the local municipality).

Follow the Law

Just because you’re riding a moped, it doesn’t mean you are above the law—there are still laws that you must abide by. So think along these terms, and you’ll be free of trouble if you don’t break any laws. Make sure you’re paying attention to traffic and any major signs, and you should be clear.

Never Wear Headphones

If there’s one thing you should never do while riding a moped, it’s wearing headphones. These cause such a distraction, not just because music is involved, but unlike a standard stereo system, headphones cut off your ability to hear around you. So if someone is speeding by you or things are going on around your vehicle, it will be tough to handle them while distracted.

Hopefully, these five safety tips to know before riding an electric moped will help you along. Stay safe, and enjoy your rides.