Electric Bikes vs. Electric Motorcycles: What To Know

Electric Bikes vs. Electric Motorcycles: What To Know

Electric vehicles are taking the world by storm. Motorcycles, scooters, bicycles—all of these innovations get people where they need to go without harming the environment. However, knowing which option is right for you is challenging if you don’t understand the differences.

While E-bikes and e-motorbikes might look similar, plenty of nuances set them apart from each other. Here’s what to know about electric bikes and electric motorcycles to help you make the right call.

Electric Bike vs. Electric Motorcycle: Similarities

It’s hard to ignore the similarities between electric bikes and electric-style motorcycles. To start with the obvious, both vehicles run on electricity. Say goodbye to heavy pedal work and expensive gas stations, and say hello to light pedaling and charging stations.

An electric motorbike from Emmo doesn’t require special licenses, insurance, or fees. Therefore, it’s just as easy to hit the road on an e-motorcycle as it is on an e-bike.

Electric Bike vs. Electric Motorcycle: Differences

While e-bikes and electric-style motorcycles are the same in many ways, they also have major differences. The most notable are their sizes and sillouettes. E-bikes are lightweight and lean; they are easy to ride on any sidewalk and are usually compactable.

On the other hand, electric motorcycles are heavier and have stronger engines. These design features makes e-motorbikes ideal for road travel without all the noise of a typical motorcycle.

Which One Is Right for You?

When choosing between an electric bike and electric motorcycle, you’ll want to keep your storage space and purpose in mind. E-bikes are excellent for people with smaller garages since the bikes are foldable. If you want to get a workout while traveling through bike lanes and other bicycle-friendly terrains, this is the mode of transportation for you.

Electric-style motorbikes are for riders who have more storage space available. These vehicles will fit perfectly in a spacious garage or carport. E-motorcycles are for those who want a taste of the wild side—if you wish for more power and an adrenaline rush, get yourself an electric motorcycle.

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