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Proudly Canadian. All Emmo E-Bikes are designed in Canada and undergo rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art facilities before being shipped out.

All Emmo bikes are covered under our manufacturer's comprehensive warranty against all manufacturing defects. 2-Year warranty on the e-bike frame.

We ship across Canada. You can also visit any of our Emmo dealers and pick up your order locally. With over 100 dealers in Canada, we offer you peace of mind by keeping your bike in its best condition at all times.

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Canadian Trusted E-Bike Provider

30+ Models

For All Age Groups and Needs


Extensive Help Center

100+ Dealers

Local E-Bike Service Centers



Max Technologies, Max Performance

  • Upgraded 84V QS Super Torque Motor
  • Up to 200km Range
  • 84V UL Certified Lithium Charger
Full Size
Motorcycle Frame
QS Super Torque Motor
UL Certified
84V Lithium Charger
Up to 200 km
per Charge
Dual Disk
Hydraulic Brake
600 lbs
Load Capacity
17-inch QS 84V Super Torque Motor

Experience the exhilaration of the Zone Max's 84V QS super torque motor. It delivers electrifying acceleration and ensures an extraordinary riding experience, whether you're cruising through city streets or embarking on thrilling adventures. With its high torque output, you'll feel an instant surge of power that leaves other motorcycles in the dust.

High Power
160 Nm
Max Torque
84V UL Certified Lithium Component

Embrace the freedom to explore with the industry-leading 84V lithium battery and charger system, boasting UL certification for utmost safety and reliability. Offering an impressive range of up to 200 km on a single charge, this electric motorcycle allows you to venture farther than ever before. Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace the long rides you've always dreamed of.

rated recharging cycles
up to 200 km
travel range

*Sealed Gel Lead-Acid battery option is also available.

Dual Disc Hydraulic Brake

As the most reliable stopping technology on the market, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems help you to stop when you need to. Combined with the motor cutoff switches, they provide ample stopping power even under the harshest conditions.

dual disc
front hydraulic brake
6000 km
rated brake pads lifetime
  • 84V/20Ah SLA; 84V/30Ah Li; 84V/50Ah Li; 84V/60Ah Li; 84V/100Ah Li;

  • 84V 500W Continuously QS Motor

  • Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock

  • 120 kg

  • 30 Degrees

  • Hydraulic Single Disk Brake

  • 110/70-17 Tubeless Tire

  • Optional Saddle Boxes Available

  • 3 - 10 Hours

  • Upgraded Back-Lighted Color Speedometer

  • LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light

  • 280 kg / 600 lbs

  • 35-45 km (84V20Ah SLA); 65-85 km (84V30Ah Li); 85-105 km (84V50Ah Li); 120-140 km (84V60Ah Li); 200 km (84V100Ah Li)*‍

  • Hydraulic Dual Disk Brake

  • 110/70-17 Tubeless Tire

  • Yes

LED Projector Headlight

More energy efficient without comprising stylishness.

Front Dual Disk Hydraulic Brake

With the best-in-class brake system, you can stop the bike with ease.

Emmo GTS Suspension System

Well calibrated for more comfortable rides.

Bluetooth Exhaust

Make the noise of a real bike. Rides have made more fun.

Tubeless Tire

More durable, less maintenance required. Money saver in the long term.

270-degree LED Tail Light

LED fixtures are more energy efficient than a traditional system. Higher visibility makes your rides safer.

Foldable Passenger Footpeg

Comfort for the passenger matters as well!

Upgraded Backlighted Color Display

Detailed information makes it easier to keep track of your trip. The LED backlight ensures clear readings anytime day and night.


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