EMMO Electric Bicycles: Which One Is Right for You?

Can Electric Bikes Replace Traditional Bikes?

Not everyone looks for the same things in their bikes, so you can’t expect one bike to do everything perfectly. If you already know that you want to invest in an electric bike, you’ve made a great first step. Now, choosing what kind of bike will work best for you is the next thing to consider. Which EMMO electric bicycle is right for you? Read on to learn more about our models and what they do best.

General Purpose Biking

The jack-of-all-trades EMMO bicycle that you can rely on for your day-to-day riding is our Monta bike frame. Lightweight enough for you to easily maneuver, yet powerful enough to take you farther than a traditional bike, the Monta is the perfect choice for the cyclist seeking versatility and reliability.

Easy Commuting

Electric bikes make the perfect motor vehicle replacement for those who commute to and from work. They allow you to start and finish your day with some heart-pumping exercise without completely exhausting you along the way. EMMO’s Vgo frame is excellent for anyone on the move. With plenty of storage space on the back and a smooth, easy ride, the Vgo is exactly what a regular commuter needs.

Off-Road Expeditions

The rush of wind as you take your bike off-road and onto rougher terrain is an unbeatable feeling. The EMMO E-Wild bike makes it easy to tackle any terrain, from sand, snow, gravel, and more. With extra-wide tires for increased traction and plenty of adjustable assistance levels, you won’t find a patch of terrain you can’t handle.

Highest Performance

If you’re trying to decide which EMMO electric bicycle is right for you and you hold performance above all else, your best bet is an EMMO Dual Series. We can fit both the Monta and the E-Wild frames with dual motors and batteries. This addition allows you to get the highest level of performance from your e-bike for the longest period of time.

Easy Storage and Transportation

Do you need something a little lighter and easier to store? EMMO’s folding bikes are your answer to the storage conundrum. The frames are compact and flexible, and they fold up to be even smaller when not in use. They’re the perfect solution for someone without a lot of storage space, such as those in a smaller apartment, who still want to enjoy an e-bike.

No matter what electric bike calls your name, EMMO makes it easy to find reliable transportation that you can feel good about riding. With EMMO electric bicycles, control is put back into your hands.