The Importance of Proper Electric Bike Storage

The Importance of Proper Electric Bike Storage

All machines require a certain level of care and maintenance. Still, when dealing with electronics and motorized equipment, you double the amount of attention to detail that these machines need. There are several reasons why they need such particular maintenance to remain functioning properly. This is the importance of proper electric bike storage for your knowledge of these modern marvels.

Sun Exposure

With the blistering heat waves that become stronger every year due to global warming, mechanical and technical items must stay away from the sun. Electric bikes especially need to be away from high temperatures as they contain motherboards, wires, batteries, and all sorts of electronics within them that could short and fry in the heat.

People must replace these entirely to operate the vehicle after being in the sun for a few hours. The same scenario is possible, even if you were keeping your electric bike in Canada, where it can get frigid and piping hot.

Battery Protection

Above all else, you must protect the battery. Some are fitted with a standard lead battery, and others have a lithium battery. But no matter which battery you have, you will still run the risk of destroying your battery with too much sun exposure.

This is true of most batteries and equipment if left in the sun long enough, but especially if your bike has a lithium-ion battery. Be careful and park that thing in the shade as much as possible.

Keeping Them Charged

When you have storage space for your bikes, chances are there are electrical outlets in your shed, warehouse, or wherever you store your bike. You must keep your battery charged on a consistent basis to extend its life. Remember not to overcharge your bike's battery. It is important that you disconnect your bike from the power source when the battery is finished charging. 

If the bike sits dead most of the time until you charge it, then the battery cells will begin to deplete. The longer you have energy stored in them, the better they will do their job. And if you’re keeping them in a safe place that has the correct outlets, then they will always be ready at a moment’s notice with a full charge.

Hopefully, this clears the air on how important it is to keep your electric bike in proper storage. If you’re doing this regularly, you’ll have your bike a lot longer, and it should never let you down.