3 Different Types of E-Bikes

E-Bike Basics · Jan 26, 2022


What is an Electric Bicycle?

An electric bicycle (also known as a low-powered/low-speed electric bicycle) is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that assists in propulsion. They can look like conventional bicycles, scooters or limited speed motorcycles. In most provinces/ territories in Canada, E-Bikes are treated equally as conventional bicycles. Another previledge of E-Bike riders is that riding an e-bike generally do not require a license, insurance or registration.


Depending on the mode of electric assistance, there are mainly 3 different types of electric bikes in the market. 




1. Pure Pedal-Assist

This type of e-bike is not equipped with a throttle and is driven purely by pedal-assist.  The motor provides assistance only when the rider is pedalling. When the pedalling ceases, the motor will stop to provide assistance. Usually, the bike is equipped with a digital display and control buttons for the rider to adjust the pedal-assist level for varying riding conditions.


This type of bike can be commonly found among the mid-drive e-bikes. The Emmo Mid-Drive OXE is an good example of the pure pedal-assist e-bike.

2. Pure Throttle-Powered


By contrast, for throttle-powered e-bikes, the motor output is solely controlled by the throttle, which, upon push/twisting, activate the motor. This type of e-bikes still come with operable pedals as a conventional bicycle.


Most Emmo Scooter Style E-Bikes, Motorcycle Style E-Bikes are throttle-powered E-Bikes.

3. Combination of Pedal-Assist and Throttle

Most of Emmo Bicycle Style E-Bikes have both pedal-assist and on-demand throttle. With both options available, the rider can enjoy the ultimate flexibility of adjusting the assistance levels for varying road conditions, as well as the ease brought by pure electric power.


The combination of pedal-assist and throttle power make longer rides less exhausting. You can get enough exercise from pedaling when you want to. If you feel tired, just relax and leave it to the throttle.  


With the help of Emmo high capacity lithium battery, long adventure is made more joyful.