Terms and Conditions

Emmo Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI):

Your warranty is covered by the PDI. If you do not purchase the PDI, there is no Comprehensive Warranty Coverage.

If the purchase includes the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), the Emmo dealer from whom the customer purchased the e-bike will take responsibilities for the assembly and PDI of the e-bike before the pick-up. In this case, the comprehensive warranty is valid at the said Emmo dealer’s location. For more information about PDI, such as the cost and coverage, please contact your Emmo dealer.

If the customer decided not to include PDI in the purchase, the bike will be in a box, approximately 80% assembled. The customer will be responsible for the remaining assembly of the e-bike. And there is no Comprehensive Warranty Coverage.

Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours for the PDI, so that test and trial runs can be conducted on the products to ensure all systems are safe and operable. We also ask that you allow at least 24 hours for warranty and estimate examination, and at least 5 business days for repair.


Battery & Charger:

You must use the orginal Emmo charger to charge your Emmo E-Bike. It is your responsibility to ensure that the charger matches the battery. If you have any questions about the compatibility of your battery and charger, please feel free to contact us.

Using an incompatible charger could be a fire hazard and lead to injuries and other severe consequences. Emmo is not responsible for any damage resulting in using incompatible chargers.


Warranty Claims:

If you have purchased from your local dealer, your warranty is covered by your local dealer. Please contact your local dealer for your warranty claims. For online orders, please contact Emmo Inc for warranty inquiries.

Shipping Damage:

Report any damage to Emmo Inc or the location you purchased from within 7 days of receiving the ebike, with pictures or videos for any shipping damage and proof of purchase. The cost of shipping for warranty parts will not be covered under warranty unless Emmo Inc agrees in writing to cover the shipping cost. Shipping damage is not covered by Emmo Inc if you choose your own shipping method or freight forwarder.

If minor damage that is cosmetic only, you can note the damage on the Bill of Delivery prior to signing off on the shipment and notify Emmo Inc with pictures of the damage. You may be required to ship the item to Emmo Inc before receiving a replacement item.

If major damage that may affect the safety of operating the ebike, please refuse the shipment on the basis of the damage, note the damage on the Bill of Delivery, and notify Emmo Inc with pictures of the damage.

Return or Exchange:

7 -Day Return or Exchange: Any Emmo model returned must be in new condition and in the original unopened box with purchase paperwork. You must notify Emmo Inc of the return or exchange within 7 days of the ship out date. You are responsible for return shipping and providing a tracking number to Emmo Inc. On all return and exchange items, a restocking fee of 20% will be withheld from the refund amount unless Emmo Inc has agreed to another arrangement in writing. The cost of the item minus the restocking fee will be refunded once the product has been returned and is determined to be in new and unused condition. Restocking fees are 20% of MSRP not including Taxes, Freight/Shipping or PDI. Items out of original packaging will not be accepted. When returning the ebike, please ensure that all original items sent with the ebike are included in the package. Ebikes missing keys, chargers, or battery will be refused at your expense.

If the ebike was paid by financing, you are responsible for any cancellation fees or penalties charged by the third party financing company unless Emmo Inc has agreed to cover the fees in writing. The financing loan agreement will only be cancelled after Emmo Inc has received and approved the returned product.

Emmo Inc will not accept any ebike or parts returns or exchanges out of the original packaging, without prior notice of the return or exchange, or outside of the 7 days limit and may reject any products at your expense. Emmo Inc is not responsible for any additional damage that may occur during return shipping.

Used or Second-Hand Models:

Used products are final sale with no warranty and are not returnable or exchangeable unless Emmo Inc agrees to accept the item in writing.